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  • 1:1 in-person faith-sensitive psychotherapy for children and young people

  • Muslim-heritage therapists

  • consultation with parents/carers

  • therapists available with training in Islamic psychology


  • workshops for staff to improve their knowledge of working with Muslim children

  • bespoke approach to suit client requirements

  • work discussion groups and reflective spaces for staff

  • impact of unconscious bias


  • support groups for children, parents and carers, arranged through your organisation

  • facilitated reflective safe spaces

  • workshops

  • discussion groups for parents/carers


  • understanding the aims of service providers in relation to Muslim children and families

  • collaborative approach to developing sustainable services

  • public sector, charity, community organisations


  • examining accessibility of services for Muslim-heritage children

  • exploring the impact on child mental health

  • assessing the efficacy of services


  • connecting organisations and individuals with similar interests and aims

  • sharing information about initiatives, events and research

  • generating ideas and learning from one another

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