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Al-Manaar Children & Young People's Therapy Service

Reflection Space Barnet

  • 1:1 in-person psychotherapy service for Muslim-heritage children and young people

  • consultations with parents

  • based at the Tarling Road Community Hub, East Finchley, London

  • Monday-Friday 

  • referrals: 

  • pilot funded by Young Barnet Foundation's Space2Grow#21 fund 

Coram Adoption
and RAA

  • Muslim Adoption Support Group: keen to encourage Muslim adopters, Coram invited Reflection Network to find out what challenges they face. An initial focus group led to a regular support group for Muslim adopters

  • Lunch & Learn events for Coram staff

  • training for adoption social workers (London and the South East) on adoption and Muslim families.

My Family Group

  • Reflection Network contributes to the work of the My Family Group by focusing on mental health issues commonly faced by adopted and looked-after children, and how to provide appropriate support

  • My Adoption Family and My Foster Family

  • Reflective Safe Space series for adoption social workers

  • Muslim Youth Link

  • contribution to the "Adoption and Muslims in England" toolkits published by My Adoption Family (2021)

Working With Muslims group

  • monthly bulletin for practitioners working in the Children and Young People's Mental Health Service

  • free resource sharing ideas, projects, questions, signposting, research and best practice

  • national reach

  • supported by the Psychological Professions Network

Somali Bravanese Welfare Association

  • online group for teenagers to explore the emotional impact the pandemic

  • holiday workshops for children aged 6-16 on the same theme, at the SBWA's community centre in north London

  • in development: a series of workshops to empower parents and encourage discussion of the challenges faced by their children

Wellbeing Workshops for Parents

  • series of workshops for parents/carers focusing on child mental and emotional health

  • piloted with Center of Excellence, a non-profit community organisation committed to strengthening connections between youth and parents, focusing first on the Somali community

  • a space where parents can discuss issues relevant to their children’s mental and emotional health with experts in the field and each other

  • supporting non-judgemental conversations about how these issues affect families' lives

  • sharing experience and ideas

  • boosting parents’ capacity to support their children.

Clinical placements for trainees

  • Assistant Therapist placements for those wishing to increase their experience of working with Muslim children

  • for students on (or who have completed) masters-level training in therapy with children and adolescents

  • for Muslim-heritage students in order to encourage more students of Muslim background to train, and in response to demand 

  • supervision provided by experienced ACP-registered Child & Adolescent Psychotherapist

  • funding-permitting, Assistant Therapists will receive a modest stipend, in recognition of their contribution (and of the financial barrier to training for many Muslim-heritage students)

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